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Holiday House: First Chapter Read Aloud

Join Pixel+Ink author Tom Phillips for a first chapter read aloud of his madcap middle grade novel THE CURIOUS LEAGUE OF DETECTIVE AND THIEVES: EGYPT'S FIRE.

Fables D20: Tomb of Egypt's Fire 

Tomb of Egypt's Fire a Dungeons & Dragons One Shot based on the Middle Grade Mystery, Curious League of Detectives & Thieves by Tom Phillips. His book is a genuine marvel! An amazing read that even adults will love!

Aly's Reading Corner

I had the pleasure of getting to interview my bestie Tom Phillips about his very first book, "The League of Detectives & Thieves: Egypt's Fire" Out Now Everywhere books are sold! (A Middle Grade Mystery Novel)

KidLit TV: StoryMakers

On StoryMakers, enter the world of THE CURIOUS LEAGUE OF DETECTIVES AND THIEVES with series author Tom Phillips. Mystery solving, natural history museum living, and speakeasy root beer float drinking are all a part of this madcap middle grade series! Learn about Tom’s inspirations and about being a writer with dyslexia.

Curious League Audio book

The Curious league of detectivews and thieves audio book rights were bought at a three way auction. The First book in the series will be released on June 7, 2022

Curious Review by E-TRAIN

Are you looking for a thrilling mystery middle-grade read? Well, I have just the book for you! "The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves" is the story of two detectives with one goal. To solve the mystery of who really stole the "Egypt's Fire" ruby!

Troped Out- Podcast


Em and E.J. get nostalgic for the 90s with middle grade action and mystery author Tom Phillips in a chat about Reading Rainbow, the Pizza Hut Book It! Program, Land of the Lost, and more, with a side of how his new release takes on the issues of toxic masculinity for young readers.

Kirkus Review For Egypt's Fire


A brisk romp chock-full of tricky twists and daffy doings...

JLG Gold Standard


The Curious League of Detecitves and Thieves has received the Gold Standard Seal from the Junior Library guild. Check out more about the JLG in the link below:

Between Lewis & LoveCraft

Today Tyler joined by Tom Philips who can’t wait to be inducted into our cult… er… crew, here at BLL.  He is an author, Screenwriter, video editor, Dungeons and Dragons Player. Who has just started the presale of his latest book, The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves 1: Egypt's Fire. Tyler was so excited to be chatting with such a cool guy, and hopefully he doesn’t through the thin vale of our indoctrination ritual.

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